Energy Costs



Light Power(w)
Pupil Lumins (Plm) 4600 7150
Company Power Tarriff(cents per Kwh)
Lamp Cost per Hour(cents per K)
Run Hours Per Day
Run Cost Per Year ($)
Total Annual Cost Saving    
Total Annual CO2-e Saving (kG)    

Instructions & Notes
  • Fill in all the white boxes to complete your lighting energy cost comparison
  • Ensure you select an Induction light with the Plm reading immediately below the rate of your 'other' selection to allow for the increased lumen depreciation and shorter life of the 'other ' lamps.
  • For CO2-e calculation an average multiplication factor of 1.0 was used. For Victoria the brown coal usage increases CO2 emmissions per Kwh and means the result should be multiplied by a factor of 1.3.